fried chicken

About nocawich

At nocawich, we start from scratch using great ingredients to make our bread, sweets, roasting meats in house, sauces and if we can’t do it ourself then we bring in the best…with the end goal of making it delicious. nocawich has three locations:

  • Fulton Center 777 S. College Av.
  • Terminal 4 Gates C1-10
  • US Airways Section 114

nocawich starts serving at 8:00 am featuring pastries that are baked from scratch daily, Bagels from H&H Bagels, Russ & Daughters Smoked Salmon, Schreiner’s Chorizo & Edwards Virginia Country Ham.

Saturday brunch served until 2:30.

Lunch starts at 10:30 with our nocawich favorite sandwiches like the “What the Cluck”, patty melt or the Meyer Lansky along with salads or create your own nocawich.

Dinner service will start soon with craft beers and wine.