Nocawich serves East Coast faves

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By: Jennifer Goldberg

We may be about 2,100 miles away from New York City, but don’t despair: Some of the Big Apple’s best food is available in Tempe.

Fast casual eatery Nocawich opened last month for breakfast and lunch near Arizona State University, and owner Eliot Wexler has several East Coast favorites on the menu.

Ordering the bagels and lox gets you a toasted H&H bagel topped with cream cheese, onion, caper berries and lox from the venerable fish shop Russ & Daughters. The result is nothing short of sublime.

Wexler gets the bagels sent parbaked from New York so they can be finished in-house; varieties generally include sesame, egg, poppyseed and everything bagels. H&H bagels also show up in the pastrami and egg breakfast sandwich.

Bagels and lox are not the only New York delicacy on the menu; on Saturdays, Nocawich serves potato knishes from Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery. The pillowy knishes are served in a number of ways: plain, with egg and gravy, with housemade pastrami and bordelaise sauce and with scrambled eggs, Boursin cheese, Russ & Daughters lox and caper berries.

Besides the New York favorites, Nocawich also boasts a diverse menu that includes mouthwatering pastries, fresh salads and hearty sandwiches in a modern, airy space.

Wexler has always been a restaurateur who is passionate about high-quality food, a trait that is reflected both in Nocawich’s general menu and in the New York City specialties.

“I like to get the best stuff I can get,” he says.

Nocawich is located at 777 S. College Ave., Tempe. Hours are 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m. Monday-Saturday, with Sunday hours starting soon. Call 480-758-5322 or visit

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